Albatros D.III Oef. BA153/253

1. Albatros D.III (Oef) BA 153
Serial no. 153.209, Flik 41J, Portobuffole, June 1918. Piloted by Hauptmann Godwin Brumowski, Austria-Hungary's highest scoring pilot with 35 'kills'. The aircraft is painted overall in Red (Methuen reference 10A8), including all struts, metal panels and wheel covers. The skull marking is in Black and White. Wing crosses are White outlined, while the rudder cross is positioned in a White box. Note the addition to this aircraft of a British Aldis sight and what appears to be a flare gun mounted on the upper wing.

2. Albatros D.III (Oef) BA 153
Serial no. 153.125, Flik 42J, Pianzano, 1918. Piloted by Hauptmann Ladislaus Hary, the Flik commandant. Aircraft has factory finish of Natural Plywood fuselage, fin and tail fairing. Wings, tailplane, rudder and wheel covers are finished in Clear Doped Linen. The word 'ILONKA' on fuselage is in Black. Flik 42J colours of Red and White are displayed on the wheel covers. Metal panels are Natural Metal. Struts are Black.

3. Albatros D.III (Oef) BA 153
Serial no. 153.145, Flik 61J, Motta di Livenza, April 1918. Piloted by Oberleutnant in der Reserve Ludwig Hautzmayer. Aircraft is painted overall in Brown (Methuen reference 6E7). Fuselage pennant is White and Red, the segments being outlined respectively in Black and White. All crosses are White outlined. Wheel covers are Red. Metal panels and cowling remain in Natural Metal. Struts are Black.

4. Albatros D.III (Oef) BA 253
Serial no. 253.170, Vazduhplovstvo Kraljevine SHS (Air Force of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes), Novi Sad Airfield, July 1926. Piloted by Sergeant-Pilot Grgic. Aircraft is finished overall in Aluminium paint. Fuselage band is White, and indicates a training aircraft. Serial number is Black. Rudder striping is (from top) Blue, White and Red. The SHS roundel, which appears in four wing positions, is (from outside) Blue, White and Red. Cross is White, with outlining in Dark Blue. Struts are Light Grey. Note that the front cowling panel of this aircraft is left in unpainted Natural Metal.

Pictures and text taken from Issue 3 of Insignia Magazine.

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