Military Aircraft in Bosnia

1. Piper PA-18 Super Cub
Civil registered T9-CLO, Bosnian Government Forces (BiH), Aeroclub Velenje airfield, near Sostanj, Slovenia in May 1995. The aircraft is finished in a camouflage scheme of Dark Brown and Olive Green. The undersides of this aircraft, including struts are wheel hubs are Light Blue/Grey. The Bosnian shield is Blue with a White stripe, and is outlined in White. The six fleur-de-lys are Yellow. Registration codes are stencilled in Black.

2. UTVA-75
'SiM 001', used by the Panthers Special Brigade aviation detachment of the Army of Republika Srpska, 1994. Aircraft is camouflaged with Grey Green and Dark Green patches with some Orange blotches on the rear fuselage and tail. Lettering and propeller hub are Yellow. This aircraft formerly carried the civilian registration YU-DEW and was flown to Bosnia from Yugoslavia in August 1992.

3. UTVA-75
Bosnian Government Army (BiH), serial no. unknown, undergoing maintenance in Croatia, 1992. Whether this aircraft was returned to BiH forces is unclear. Colour scheme was Light Green and Medium Brown camouflage on upper surfaces with Light Blue undersurfaces. Insignia carried on starboard upper and port lower wings.

Pictures and text have been taken from Issues 1 and 3 of Insignia Magazine.

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