Early Chilean Markings

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a
Serial no. 66/Maule, Chilean Fuerza Aerea Nacional, El Bosque, 1924. Colour scheme is Natural Metal/Silver overall, with Varnished Wood wing and undercarriage struts. The rudder is Blue with a White star. Chilean shields appear on four wing positions, in Red, Blue and White. Serial number '66' and name 'MAULE' are Black. Forward cowl and exhausts are painted Black. Supplied to Chile at the end of WW1, these SE5a fighters were originally finished in Khaki and Clear Doped Linen. They served with the 1st Aviation Company where they were used mainly for weapons training. Six Royal Aircraft Factory SE5as are known to have been delivered. Serial numbers and names were as follows: 65/Aconcagua; 66/Maule; 67/Teniente Illanes; 68/unknown; 69/unknown; 70/unknown. A replica of one of these planes, no. 66/Maule, is currently on display at the Chile Aeronautical Museum.

de Havilland DH 60G
Serial no. 52, Chilean Fuerza Aerea Nacional, circa 1929-1930. Colour scheme is Natural Metal/Silver overal. Chilean roundels in (from outside) Red, White and Blue with a central White star appear in six positions. Vertical stripes in Red, Blue and White have been applied to the rudder in a non-standard style. Serial number '52' is Black. This machine is also known to have been equipped with floats.

An article in issue 10 of Insignia Magazine details the national markings of Chilean Air Forces between 1918 and 1998. These aircraft are also the subject of Issue 10's FREE decal sheet.

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