Chinese Aircraft Markings 1913-1945

1. Avro 504K
Serial no. 105, Nanyuan Aviation Academy, Chinese Aviation Service, 1920. Finished in Natural Doped Linen overall with Black serial numbers, this Avro 504K probably carried Chinese five pointed star markings on its upper and lower wing surfaces. Up to 60 of these machines were operated in the early days of China's Air Force.

2. Breguet Bre. 14
Serial no. M-201, serving with Marshall Chang Tso-lin's private air force, Fengtein, 1931. Finished overall in Natural Doped Linen, the fin and rudder are mainly Black, with (from top) Red, Blue, Yellow and White striping on the fin. The serial number is in Black.Wing markings (if any) are unknown.

3. Consolidated Fleet 10
Serial no. 103, Central Government (Nanking) Air Force, 1932-1939. Finished in Gloss Dark Green overall. The serial number is in White. Blue and White roundels appear only on lower wing undersurfaces.

Pictures and text taken from an eight page article on Chinese aircraft markings in Issue 11 of Insignia Magazine.

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