Fokker D.XIII in the USSR 1924-1933

1. Fokker D.XIII
Code number 'White 6', Reichswehr Fliegerschule, Lipezk, USSR, 1930. All the Fokker D.XIII fighters used at Lipezk were finished in the same basic colour scheme, which comprised Dark Green rear fuselage, wheel covers and horizontal tail surfaces, Natural Metal forward fuselage and struts and Natural Plywood covered upper and lower wings. In addition to a White code number, a White chevron is carried on the rear fuselage and the fin and rudder is painted in Red and White stripes. No national markings were carried on any Lipezk based machines.

2. Fokker D.XIII
Code number 'White 22', Reichswehr Fliegerschule, Lipezk, USSR, 1932. Colours as scheme No. 1, but with fin and rudder in White with a Blue ring. The lower tail surfaces were also White, and featured the Blue ring.

The illustrations above are all taken from Issue No. 16 of Insignia Magazine, available now from Blue Rider Publishing.

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