Greek Military Aviation 1912-1923

1. Airco de Havilland DH9
Serial no. NAY-78, Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service, Alfion-Karahisar airfield, July 1921. Aircraft is finished in PC 10 Doped Linen on upper flying surfaces, fin, undercarriage legs and rear fuselage, with Battleship Grey fuselage panels. Undersurfaces and wheel covers are Clear Doped Linen. Greek national markings are Blue and White, and have been converted from existing RNAS roundels from when these DH9s were based at Moudros during WW1. The serial number is in White, and is partially obscured by a Dark Grey/Black wavy line. This pattern was a theatre marking applied to all operational aircraft involved in the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1922. Note that roundels on the lower wing surface do not have a 1-inch White outline.

2. Ansaldo A-1 Balilla
Serial no. NAY-117, Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service, Tatoi airfield, near Athens, 1923. This aircraft was one of eight seized from an Italian ship en route to Turkey. These aircraft retained their factory finish of Clear Doped Linen flying surfaces, Dark Varnished Wood fuselage and Natural Metal cowling. Greek roundels are worn on the upper wings and fuselage sides. The lower outer wing surfaces were painted Blue, to a width of approximately seven rib bays. Serial number is White.

3. Breguet 14 A2
Serial no. 3846, Royal Hellenic Army Air Force, unknown airfield, 1921. This aircraft was one of at least 30 Breguet 14 A2 and B2 types which served with the joint French-Hellenic 522 and 523 Reconnaissance-Bomber Squadrons. This aircraft is finished in a Green and Brown camouflage scheme, with Natural Metal forward and upper fuselage areas. Lower flying surfaces are Clear Doped Linen. Struts, undercarriage legs and wheel covers are Light Grey. Greek roundels in Blue and White, adapted from French roundels, are worn on the upper and lower wings as well as the fuselage. The Asia-Minor 'wavy line' theatre marking in Dark Grey/Black partially obscures the fuselage roundel. Serial number and rudder data are Black.

The illustrations above are all taken from Issue No. 15 of Insignia Magazine, available now from Blue Rider Publishing.

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