Early Italian Air Force Markings

1. Caudron G.3
Generic colour scheme, Aeronautica del Regio Esercito, 1915. Between August 1914 and July 1915, the official national markings of Italian military aircraft were the Black so-called 'circle and stripe'. This marking was intended to be painted on the lower wings only. Frequently, no other markings were carried, apart from the intermittent use of serials. Overall colour scheme of the aircraft was Clear Doped Linen with Natural Metal cowling and panelling. Struts were Varnished Wood. Recommended kits for the Caudron G.3 are the Czech HR resin or the Roseplane vacform.

The illustrations above are all taken from an article in Issue No. 18 of Insignia Magazine, available now from Blue Rider Publishing. The markings shown here are featured on this issue's FREE decal sheet.

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