Latvian Air Force 1998

Let L-410UVP-T Turbolet
Serial No. 145, Latvian Air Force, Riga-Spilve, 1998. This aircraft, one of two in service with the LAF, is finished in a Khaki Green and Pale Sand camouflage scheme, with Light Grey undersurfaces. Exhaust areas, rear fuselage, nose, and flying surface de-icing panels are Black. Latvian flag is Dark Red and White. Latvian roundels in Dark Red and White are in six positions. Serial number is Dark Red. 'LET410UVP' text on nose is White.

Decals for this aircraft, a Latvian Mil Mi-2 Hoplite and a Georgian Mil Mi-8 are included free in Issue 13 of Insignia Magazine.

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