Manchurian Air Forces 1928-1945

1. Messerschmitt Bf 108D Taifun
Registration M-58, Manchu Kohku Kabushiki Kaisha (Manchurian Air Transport Co.), 1938-40. Taifuns were used by the paramilitary MKKK for light transport and reconnaissance duties. Aircraft is Light Grey overall, with MKKK roundels in four positions. These were (from the outside) Yellow, Black, White, Blue and Red. Registration numbers are Black and appeared on both wing surfaces and the fuselage sides. In addition, there is a dark disc, possibly Red, on the tail.

2. Tachikawa Ki-9 Spruce
Serial unknown, Manchukuo National Military Force Air Corps, 1938-39. This trainer is Orange overall, with Black cowling, forward fuselage, undercarriage legs and wheel spats. MNMFAC roundels are applied in four wing positions, in (from top) Red, Blue, White, Black and Yellow. The fuselage script, indicating the donor of the aircraft, is in Black

3. Nakajima Ki-43-II-ko Oscar
Serial unknown, Manchukuo National Military Force Air Corps, 1944-45. This aircraft is finished in an overall Light Gull Grey-Green scheme. MNMFAC roundels are applied as described above. The fuselage script and anti-glare panel are Black. Spinner is Red.

The illustrations above are all taken from Issue No. 16 of Insignia Magazine, available now from Blue Rider Publishing.

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