Gloster Meteor Mk. 7 (and a half!)

Gloster Meteor Mk. 7/Mk. 8
Serial no. WL419, Chalgrove Airfield, 1989. Aircraft is Gloss Silver-Grey overall with Fluorescent Red high visibility panels in three areas - on the forward fuselage, under the rear cockpit and on the vertical tail area. Test symbols are Black and White. Serial number, in Black, appears on the tail only. Ejection seat warning triangles are Red and White. RAF roundels are in six positions. Step markings and anti-dazzle panel are Black. 'Asterix' figure on port fuselage half is Black with details in Red and Blue. 'Asterix' lettering is White with Black outline.

These illustrations, taken from Issue 8 of Insignia Magazine, are from a heavily illustrated article on this experimental Meteor by Graham Napper. This aircraft is also the subject of Issue 8's FREE decal sheet.

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