Costa Rican Mustang

North American P-51D Mustang
Costa Rican Government Forces, January 1955. Aircraft is finished overall in Bare Metal, with a Black or Olive Drab anti-glare panel on the front fuselage. The spinner appears to be Red. The Costa Rican national colours on the rudder are horizontal bars of (from top) Blue, White, Red, White and Blue. National markings appear to be partly based on the USAF roundel, in Red, White and Blue, and appear on the upper port and lower starboard wings as well as both fuselage sides. The serial '2' is in Black, and appears on both sides of the fin as well as the upper starboard and lower port wing surfaces. This aircraft was written off on 19 January 1955, three days after delivery to the Costa Rican Government upon the request of the OAS (Organisation of American States) for use in the invasion of the country against rebel forces. Four P-51D fighters were acquired by Costa Rica, serialled 1 to 4, at a nominal cost of $1 each!

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