Ottoman and Turkish Air Force 1913-1999

1. Gotha WD-2
Serial no. 3, Ottoman Naval Air Service, 1915. Shown as it appeared in Germany pre-delivery, this WD-2 is factory finished with Clear Doped Linen flying surfaces and Varnished Wood fuselage. Forward fuselage panels are Natural Metal. There appear to be darker coloured areas on the rear fuselage and float assembly. Serial number in Arabic is applied in Black.

2. Junkers (Fili) R-2
Serial no. unknown, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, 1926-30. This R-2 is shown finished in Light Grey/Natural Metal, with Black lower wing surfaces, forward fuselage areas, undercarriage legs/struts and fin/rudder leading edges. Post-war White bordered Red squares are carried on the wings and fuselage. Rudder is Red with a White crescent and star.

3. Breguet 19.7
Serial no. 4, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, 1932-35. This French-built bomber is shown in a Dark Green colour scheme, with Natural Metal cowling, lower fuselage, lower wing surfaces and undercarriage legs. The serial number is White. The inscription 'Istanbul Kucukpaz' is worn on the fin in White. Turkish markings are carried as described opposite, though no fuselage Red square is carried.

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