Early Serbian Air Force Markings

Henri Farman HF20
Based at Barbalusi airfield, this HF 20 took part in the joint Serbian/Montenegrin siege of Turkish occupied Skadar, Albania in early 1913. The observer, Artillery Sergeant Mihajlo Petrovic, died in this aircraft on 20th March 1913 in an accident following a reconnaissance flight. The pilot and commander of the Serbian Air Force Escadrille Major Kosta Miletic survived the crash.

Colour scheme was Clear Doped Linen overall. Struts were Natural Varnished Wood. Fuel tank was finished in Natural Metal. Serbian colours are carried on the rudder. The Serbian flag also appears on the lower surface of the upper wing.

An article in issue 8 of Insignia Magazine details the national markings of the Serbian Air Force between 1912 and 1918. 1/72 scale decals for this aircraft are available on Blue Rider decal sheet BR228.

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