Spanish Nationalist Air Force 1939-1952

1. Polikarpov I-16 Type 10
Serial no. C8-25, Spanish Nationalist Air Force, Moron Fighter School, 1949-1952. Aircraft is finished in Dark Green on upper surfaces with Light Blue under surfaces. Front of cowling and rudder are White. Spinner is Black and White. Large Spanish roundels in Red and Yellow are used in four wing positions, with smaller roundels on fuselage sides. Serial and rudder cross are Black.

2. Polikarpov I-16 Type 6
Serial no. unknown, Spanish Nationalist Air Force, Son Bonet, 1939. This aircraft, used for acrobatic demonstration flights, is finished in Light Grey, with Yellow wings and tail. Black trim is applied on the upper and lower wing surfaces, upper tailplane surfaces, cowling, rear fuselage spine and fin. Rudder is White. Spinner is Black. No roundels are carried. Falange symbol on fuselage sides is Red and Black. Lightning bolt is Red and Yellow. Rudder cross is Black.

The illustrations above are taken from Issue No. 17 of Insignia Magazine, available now from Blue Rider Publishing. These aircraft are also featured on Issue 17's FREE decal sheet.

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