Swedish Aircraft Markings 1914-2000

1. Henri Farman HF.23 (SW.11)
Serial no. 7, Marinens Flygvasende, 1914-20. Finished overall in Clear Doped Linen. Struts are Varnished Wood. Swedish rudder flag is Blue and Yellow. Wing markings are Black on a White square in four positions. Serial number is Black with a White outline.

2. Klemm Flugzeugbau KL 35 B (Sk 15)
Serial no. 65, Central Flying School (F5), Svenska Flygvapnet, early 1940s. Finished in Dark Green with Yellow wings and horizontal tail surfaces, national markings follow that introduced in 1940 (Yellow crowns outlined in Black on a Blue Disc, itself outlined in Yellow). There were no rudder markings. Serial number and flying school code (5) are White.

3. Noorduyn Aviation Ltd Canada AT-16 (Sk 16)
Serial no. 116098, F9 Wing, Svenska Flygvapnet, 1966. This Sk 16 was finished in Olive Green on upper surfaces, with lower surfaces in Light Blue-Grey. Markings follow that introduced in 1940 (see description above). Dayglo Red panels to aid visibility were painted on the upper and lower wings, tail and fuselage.There were no rudder markings. Serial number is Black. Wing number '9' is Yellow.

Text and images taken from Issue 13 of Insignia Magazine.

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